The Ferns: A Brief History

The beginning of this story does not start in a field of wild ferns on the road to the Oregon coast or nestled between varietals of ferns at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It starts with two people. We will call them, “The Ferns.” They met in Los Angeles, one born and raised; the other a transplant. What they had in common brought them together in the most beautiful way. As their friendship grew into a relationship, they both knew that marriage was the next step and that it wasn’t too far away. When the day finally came, there was nothing but love, joy, and happiness; together forever was exactly what they wanted. From one adventure to the next, they traveled the world in search of the most beautiful sights that they could witness together. Out of their love came a beautiful baby girl, who inspired them to do big things and to dream about what could be. The story continues and so does their love. Look and see the day they became, “The Ferns.”
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